520,000 elected offices — and Democrats aren’t competing in up to 75% of them.

It’s time to Contest Every Race


Candidates recruited in 2018


Percent more likely to file


Percent of our candidates won their races

“If you don’t take advantage of this you’re crazy, because this is the easiest and best result I’ve had from anything I’ve tried ever.” 

-Sandy Young, Chair, Medina County Democratic Party


We recruit Democrats to run for office where it matters

For too long, Republicans have been the only ones competing in local, rural races. Contest Every Race is an unprecedented coalition of organizations working to transform this moment of crisis into long-term change. Our aim is to move local and national politics towards a democracy that works for everyone. When we stop the GOP from running up the score in rural areas, we’ll start winning back state houses, governors’ mansions — and Congress.

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Three candidates we have recruited.

How It Works

Map Every Uncontested Race

Contact every county party chair, Indivisible Chapter, and Democratic municipal official to get local knowledge on which races are uncontested.

Build a List of Rural Activists

Partner with organizations like ResistBot, MarchOn, Catalist, and Targetsmart to mass text the voter file and find activists.

Ask Them to Run (Over and Over Again)

Invite prospective candidates to meet local party leaders, connect them with candidate coaches and training resources, and help them file to run.

Win Races and Build the Bench

Support candidates at each step to help them be successful and win!

Analyst Institute

Award-Winning Methods

We won an Expy Award from the Analyst Institute for our Contest Every Race work in Texas. The Analyst Institute collaborates with progressive organizations and campaigns around the country to measure and increase the impact of their programs. Every year they present the Expy Awards to recognize outstanding experimental research conducted by organizations.


What Our Candidates Say

Texting encourages community leaders to raise their hand and run for office