Start Texting

Coming Soon!

We don’t have any texting at the moment, but we will soon! Please make sure you’ve signed up to get emails so you get notified when we start a campaign in a new state. You can also join the Resistance Labs Slack and/or Facebook group where they announce new texting campaigns, including those for Contest Every Race.


When texting goes live, you can come here for instructions on how to sign up and text.

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Active Campaign


Recruit Local Candidates in North Carolina!

We’re recruiting local candidates with the North Carolina Democratic Party! We’re texting over 100k voters to ask if they’ll run for offices such as city council, school board, and county commissioner in Nov 2020.

Sharpen Your Spoke Skills

Start by taking just a few minutes to go through our new texter training course, which you can find below. The course will cover everything you need to know to get started connecting with voters and activists.

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