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Join our Texting Team

Text Anytime, Anywhere

You pick when and where you want to text! There aren’t any scheduled shifts and you can text as often or as little as you like. In just 15 minutes, you can send about 300 texts!


You can use your own cell phone or computer to text with us. We use an application to send messages and use an anonymized phone number, not your personal number.

Training & Support

We provide a self-directed online training that will take you less than 15 minutes to finish. Our texter community and support team is always here to answer questions.

Pre-Written Scripts

Worried about what to say? Respond to messages with our pre-written script library and learn how to help with our campaign instruction sheets.

Who and what are we texting?

We partner with local and national organizations to text their supporters to recruit candidates for uncontested local races. Our conversations help activists to take the next step to become candidates. Since 2017, our volunteers have recruited 3959 candidates for offices that would have otherwise been uncontested, and 48% of those candidates won their race.

Join our Research Team

Find Uncontested Races

You identify uncontested races throughout the country. We provide the contact information for county clerks and town election offices, so all you need to do is call and ask who has filed.


You can call offices anytime during business hours. You’ll never need to show up in person, so you can make calls from anywhere in the country.

Training & Support

We provide training on what questions to ask, how to log the information you receive, and organize the process so you’re never duplicating other volunteers’ efforts.

Pre-Written Questions

Worried about what to say? Never spoken to a county clerk? We provide you with the questions you need so you can call with confidence.